From the time that the Sacred Body of our crucified Savior was laid in the tomb to await the hour of his glorious resurrection, the Church has been most solicitous to surround with an atmosphere of Christian faith and reference the burial of those who will rise with Christ.  In the Funeral Mass and the Final Commendation and Farewell at the grave, the Church gives voice to her belief in the Christian doctrines of the resurrection of the body, the communion of saints and life everlasting.  Moreover, as further seal and symbol of that faith, she sets apart and blesses the place in which the bodies of her faithful departed await the day of Resurrection.

In the very earliest days Mother Church found it necessary to make rules and regulations which would protect the sacred places and relics that lay therein.  She could not and would not allow anything within these holy burial sites which would desecrate them, lessen their beauty or bring dishonor on the deal.

Holy Name Cemetery Association is proud of the presentation of our two cemeteries and of our mausoleums.  Continuous upkeep of the grounds and building maintenance preserve the final resting place of our loved ones in keeping with Church traditions and regulations.  We also commend our parish members, who by the conduct of their presence, show appropriate reverence and respect.

Information regarding the purchase of plots, or crypts should be directed to the rectory office at (814) 472-7244.